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To our valued customers at Jr-Auctions:

Thank you for a successful year in 2015! Our customers are who we pride ourselves on and the show could not go on without you, we appreciate that.

We understand that your investment and time are very important. Plans need to be made and schedules must be filled for the 2016 year of auto enthusiast.

JR-Auctions is in negotiations and discussion for our 2016 Auction. We will be accepting consignments starting in May 2016 and will be available for any request at that point in time.

We apologize for any inconvenience our schedule has caused in your planning.

We look forward to a great innovative and trendy year with the latest collectibles. Our look forward and carry back analysis foresees the generations changing as the demands of certain cars do as well, the WW II generation are stale and not in as much a demand today. Not devalued, just not the right time to sell. They look a hell of a lot better in your portfolio then on the block.

2015 brought JR-Auctions a trend of European buyers to our market by purchasing the 30’s and 40’s collectibles, maybe the tax rates helped across the pond. The early 911 Porsche’s continue to be red hot just as much as our interest to visit Cuba! Cannot knock a trend when it comes to the Porsche market. Maybe it is the “collectors want what they cannot get” syndrome.

Baby Boomers hold on to your investments as the market continues to show its Bear side with the American Classics, we love those cars you grew up with.  The EU market is taking over and today the market points to Classic European sports cars. While the EU is getting pumped up with tax credits other foreign classics are emerging making the market become more diverse and interesting.

It is going to be another great year.

I always like to share thoughts that may or may not change your outlook:

“Variations is partly a marker of success, so that if someone thinks of something, some new innovation that benefits us all, and the market works properly, they get richly rewarded for that. In turn this creates Variation. Therefore, some of the greatest Variations in the world have come from the greatest successes”




Robert & Jeff    

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